About Us

UMG brand mark is exist in Endustrial Kitchen and Equipment Sector since 1997. We produce qualified and reliable kitchen equipment, by using our experience and high tech. We follow developments in industrial kitchen sector with our professional crews, about projects, installing projects, after sold services and services whatever you need.

Our products are testing by us, about pre-producing unit control, stability in produce and after produce time and security as CE status. All results which are collected after all this levels, are inspection by experts and archives as like as reports. Needed equipments are delivering at the right time via fast and guaranteed delivering web for saving against waste time of our customers. At the same time, we can produce industrial refrigerators, cold showcases, market cabinets, milk cabinets, cold meat cabinets in our factory on 6.000 m2 area in Istanbul Turkey. We are exporting to first of all England, Italy, Germany, Norway, Holland, Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Morocco, Tunusia, Algeria, Azerbaidgan, Libya, Georgia, Iran and Iraq.